This week, off world: Lonestar appears to be like to the Moon as an information storage & restoration station, satellites see Antarctic sea ice hit a report low, and hundreds extra…


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Russian filmmakers launch trailer for first ever feature-length film filmed in house ( 

A Supercut of Hilarious Astronaut Falls throughout Apollo Moonwalk

Bubbles in Area: Zero Gravity Experiment You Must See 
Wonderful Blue Jet Over Texas !

See SpaceX deploy ‘V2 mini’ satellites for 1st time in wonderful view from house…

Exploring Venus with NASA’s DAVINCI misison, contains descent probe!

Studying materials:

Antarctic sea ice hits report low, satellites reveal | Area

NASA scientists push for a treaty to deal with dangerous ‘house junk’ | Area

Asteroids might have gotten life constructing blocks from interstellar clouds | Area

X-rays reveal how 450-year-old Tycho supernova grew to become a large cosmic particle accelerator (

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