This Week In House podcast: Episode 34 —Discovering Mars on Earth with Pascal Lee


On this episode of This Week in House (opens in new tab), Rod Pyle and Tariq Malik are joined by Pascal Lee, who led the current expedition to the Haughton-Mars Undertaking habitat on Devon Island within the Canada’s excessive arctic in summer time 2022 to review how people may in the future stay on the Crimson Planet. He even took Rod alongside for the experience!

23 years in the past, Mars scientist Pascal Lee began constructing his Haughton-Mars Undertaking outpost on Devon Island within the excessive Arctic to analysis Mars exploration and mobility techniques. Working with NASA and the SETI Institute, he is been at it ever since, and in August, was joined by Rod on his first go to to the bottom since 2019. It was a dry, chilly, and dusty time… and as a lot enjoyable as a group of scientists must be allowed to have.

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