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Hubble noticed area particles after the DART spacecraft impacted the asteroid Dimorphos again in September 2022. Newly launched pictures from ESA (together with the one pictured) present mud and rock from the collision spilling out into ghostly trails. The particles seems to type a comet-like tail, which is influenced by the asteroid’s gravity. ESA created a brief time-lapse video of the Hubble pictures, which you’ll take a look at right here. Picture credit score: NASA, ESA, STScI, J. Li (PSI).


Japan’s new H3 rocket was destroyed throughout its inaugural flight on March 7. Although the rocket’s first stage gave the impression to be performing effectively, its second stage didn’t ignite. JAXA subsequently despatched a destruct command to the rocket at 10:52 native time, citing that there was “no chance of attaining the mission.”


Artemis II seems to be on observe for a late 2024 launch. In a teleconference on March 7, NASA managers took stock of the House Launch System and Orion spacecraft and said the area company discovered no important {hardware} points that may forestall a well timed launch of Artemis II. Whereas a lot of the Artemis I mission elements appeared to exceed NASA’s expectations, Orion’s warmth protect shedded extra materials than anticipated throughout its reentry.

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