Rainbow Star | by Brian Koberlein



24 June 2014

The rainbow colors of Sirius.
Roshaan Bukhari
The rainbow colours of Sirius.

After we view stars from the floor of our planet, they seem to twinkle. This is because of turbulence within the air, which creates air fluctuations that trigger the starlight to deflect barely. Since stars seem point-like resulting from their distance, the small deflections are sufficient to trigger the star to twinkle.

Often we simply discover the variation in brightness, however air additionally acts like a prism, bending totally different colours of sunshine by totally different quantities. So not solely do stars seem to fluctuate in brightness, they will additionally seem to fluctuate in coloration.

Not too long ago Roshaan Bukhari revealed this rainbow impact with the star Sirius. As he photographed the star, he shifted the telescope barely to create a form of time-lapse path. You possibly can see the end result above.

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