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28 Could 2014

The planets fit between the Earth and Moon.
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The planets match between the Earth and Moon.

Apart from Earth, there are seven planets in our photo voltaic system (poor Pluto). For those who had been to line them up finish to finish, might they match between the Earth and the Moon?

Principally sure. The picture right here provides the Earth-Moon distance utilizing the center-to-center measure. Utilizing that worth they undoubtedly match. For those who take their radii under consideration, then the seven planets are simply barely over. It additionally doesn’t have in mind the truth that the Earth and Moon aren’t at all times the identical distance aside, as a result of the Moon’s orbit isn’t fairly round. However principally, the photo voltaic system suits inside the area separating Earth and Moon.

Apart from being a very cool truth, it emphasizes that the photo voltaic system is usually empty area. We visualize the photo voltaic system as being crammed with planets, asteroids and comets however principally there may be the Solar and clumps of mud. The Solar makes up 99.8% of the mass of the photo voltaic system.

Area is large. Actually large.

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