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Relativity Area’s Terran 1 rocket on Launch Complicated 16 at Cape Canaveral Area Power Station. Credit score: Relativity Area / Trevor Mahlmann

Relativity Area’s 10-story-tall Terran 1 rocket will encounter probably the most excessive aerodynamic forces of its eight-minute take a look at flight round 80 seconds after liftoff from Cape Canaveral. That’s a key second when the corporate’s engineers hope to verify the 3D-printed rocket can stand up to the trials of launch.

The expendable Terran 1 rocket is about to blast off from Launch Complicated 16 at Cape Canaveral Area Power Station throughout a three-hour window opening at 1 p.m. EST (1800 GMT) Wednesday. Forecasters count on good climate for the launch of Relativity Area’s first rocket.

Learn our mission preview story for particulars on Relativity Area and the Terran 1 take a look at flight.

The 110-foot-tall (33.5-meter) rocket can be powered up for remaining pre-flight checkouts early Wednesday.


• T-minus 7 hours: Car power-up and checkouts

• T-minus 4 hours: Personnel clear the launch pad; Methane and liquid oxygen loading begins

• T-minus 60 minutes: Propellant loading full

• T-minus 16 minutes: Launch director performs pre-launch readiness ballot

• T-minus 10 minutes: Automated countdown sequence begins

Within the remaining 10 minutes of the countdown, the Terran 1 rocket’s 9 methane-fueled Aeon 1 engines can be thermally conditioned for flight by means of a process referred to as chilldown. The ignitors can be primed, and the Terran 1 will swap from its floor energy provide to inner energy. The strongback on the launch pad can be partially retracted within the remaining minutes earlier than launch.

• T-minus 1 minute, 10 seconds: Terminal countdown begins to run checks for launch commit standards

• T-minus 6 seconds: Ignition of Terran 1’s 9 Aeon 1 major engines; Automated well being test begins

• T-minus 0 seconds: 4 hold-down gadgets launch the Terran 1 rocket for liftoff

Credit score: Relativity Area


• T+plus 0 seconds: Liftoff of the Terran 1; 9 Aeon 1 engines producing 207,000 kilos of thrust

• T+plus 12 seconds: Engine thrust vector controllers start pitching the Terran 1 rocket downrange

• T+plus 1 minute, 20 seconds: Most aerodynamic strain

• T+plus 2 minutes, 40 seconds: First stage major engine cutoff

• T+plus 2 minutes, 45 seconds: Terran 1’s 80-foot-long first stage separates from the second stage

• T+plus 2 minutes, 51 seconds: Ignition of Aeon Vac engine producing 25,400 kilos of thrust

• T+plus 7 minutes, 43 seconds: Second stage engine cutoff

• T+plus 8 minutes: Terran 1 in orbit

The Terran 1 rocket fires 9 methane-fueled Aeon major engines throughout a hold-down test-firing at Cape Canaveral. Credit score: Relativity Area

ROCKET: Terran 1

PAYLOAD: “Good Luck, Have Enjoyable” take a look at flight; No buyer payload

LAUNCH SITE: LC-16, Cape Canaveral Area Power Station, Florida

LAUNCH DATE: March 8, 2023

LAUNCH WINDOW: 1:00-4:00 p.m. EST (1800-2100 GMT)

WEATHER FORECAST: 90% likelihood of acceptable climate



TARGET ORBIT: 124 miles by 130 miles (365 kilometers by 373 kilometers), 28.5 levels inclination


  • 1st launch by Relativity Area
  • 1st launch of Terran 1 rocket
  • 142nd launch from Launch Complicated 16
  • twelfth orbital launch try based mostly out of Cape Canaveral in 2023

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