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Would a sign from an alien civilization be seen as a superb omen? Many theorists and writers have thought-about how humanity would react to a sign from an extraterrestrial intelligence. Professor Jason Wright, director of the Penn State Extraterrestrial Intelligence Middle, joins Planetary Radio: Area Coverage Version to debate a specific angle on this query: how the world’s governments would possibly reply to discovering ET. Pictured: An illustrated view of the Nationwide Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Very Giant Array in New Mexico. Picture credit score: NRAO.

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NASA’s Progressive Superior Ideas symposium is the place sci-fi turns into actuality. The NIAC grant program permits researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs to develop visionary concepts that might rework area science and exploration. This week’s Planetary Radio options interviews with presenters at NIAC’s annual convention, showcasing tasks that push the boundaries of what is perhaps thought-about doable.

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Zed Issue Fellowship functions at the moment are open for the class of 2023. This program empowers aspiring aerospace professionals from historically-excluded backgrounds by means of sensible hands-on expertise, management coaching, and neighborhood. The Planetary Society has labored with two Zed Issue Fellows in paid summer season internships, that are only one aspect of the dear expertise that Fellows obtain by means of this program. Functions are due Jan. 2nd, 2023.

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JWST has the potential to light up the outer Photo voltaic System. Because the area telescope continues its mission of exploring the Universe with higher depth and sensitivity than any telescope, it will likely be in a position to see Kuiper belt objects — these past the orbit of Neptune — in a completely new gentle. Be taught extra about the mysteries this highly effective new device might be able to resolve.

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