Cloudy with an opportunity of life


May there be life within the clouds of Venus? There’s no direct proof, however the risk is intriguing. In 2020, Cardiff College astronomer Jane Greaves introduced that her staff might have discovered phosphine within the higher clouds of our neighboring world. Ever since, she’s been working to copy these findings utilizing different devices. She joins this week’s Planetary Radio to share intriguing new knowledge. Pictured: An illustration of the phosphine molecule and Venus’ clouds. Picture credit score: ESO et al.

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May there be life beneath the Martian floor? That is one other huge query within the seek for life, one which the Mars Life Explorer (MLE) is designed to research. The proposed NASA stationary-lander would succeed InSight, which looked for proof of tectonic exercise on Mars, and Phoenix, whose scoop uncovered subsurface ice. MLE would drill into Mars on the lookout for water ice, take samples, and examine them.

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