Beautiful Photographs from the November 8, 2022 Complete Lunar Eclipse


Did the skies above you cooperate this morning to see the overall lunar eclipse? Mine didn’t, and Fraser stories he was clouded out as properly. However fortunately, we are able to stay vicariously by all the fantastic associates and astrophotographers who’ve shared their jaw-dropping pictures of the blood Moon, Beaver Moon complete lunar eclipse. That is the final complete lunar eclipse till March 14, 2025.

Our lead picture, a composite from College of Arizona Professor Eliot Herman reveals a sequence of views all through the eclipse. “This Lunar eclipse had delicate gradations of shade that was fairly stunning,” Herman stated on Flickr. “This sequence of pictures begins simply earlier than totality and ends simply after totality. All photographs are 15 photographs stacked captured with a Questar telescope, Baader UV/IR filter, and a Nikon Z7II.”

A large-angle view of the overall eclipse of the Moon of November 8, 2022, with the pink Moon at proper beside the celebs of the northern winter sky and Milky Means, plus with shiny pink Mars at prime. Credit score and copyright: Alan Dyer/

Right here’s a stunning shot from certainly one of our all-time favourite astrophotographers, Alan Dyer from Alberta, Canada reveals a wide-angle view of a number of objects within the night time sky. “It was superb that we received to see the eclipse because it had been snowing all day, leaving us with a number of inches of latest snow, within the first massive snowfall of the season,” Dyer stated on Flickr. “And because it cleared the temperature dropped to -25° C. However … I received the eclipse — the primary I used to be in a position to watch from dwelling in additional than a decade.”

As Dyer stated, it is a gathering of many pink stars, planets and the uncommon pink Moon. “The pink Moon at proper beside the celebs of the northern winter sky and Milky Means, plus with shiny pink Mars at prime. Above and left of the Moon is the blue Pleiades star cluster, whereas under it and to the left is the bigger Hyades cluster with reddish Aldebaran in Taurus. The celebs of Orion are left of centre, together with reddish Betelgeuse, whereas at far left are the 2 Canine Stars: Procyon, at prime, in Canis Minor, and Sirius, at backside, in Canis Main.”

Occultation of the planet Uranus by the overall lunar eclipse. Credit score and copyright: Takizawa_Gra on Flickr.

For those who had been fortunate sufficient to be in the best place on the proper time, like Takizawa Gra, you might see an occulation of the planet Uranus by the eclipsed Moon. What a sight!

Timber and the eclipsed Moon from central Illinois, at 4:30 am Central Time. Credit score and copyright: Nate Atkinson.

Nate Atkinson took this shot from his yard in central Illinois, a 10-second publicity, handheld together with his iPhone 14 professional.

Our personal David Dickinson

Astronomer Dean Regas from the Cincinnati Observatory had splendidly clear skies for his view:

For those who missed the eclipse, NASA has put collectively this timelapse video of the views:

Because of all who shared their pictures! What’s developing subsequent within the sky? Take a look at our prime astronomical occasions for 2022 earlier than the 12 months involves an finish!

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